Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Maybe the dumbest thing I've ever read

Or at least the most annoying to come across while I am spending six weeks busting my butt studying. Well, studying and uh, posting articles onto my blog...


I love you and miss you.

I'll be back in June after I take the boards... or, in Business Week terms, after I solidify my own contribution the our nation's looming shortage of physicians.


  1. i have to agree with you.

    i mean, the shortage of physicians wouldn't have anything to do with the cost of a college education or the get rich quick mentality pervading our society...

    All the best on your tests.

  2. Oh for fu....(wait, can I say "fuck" here? yes?)

    For fuck's sake!

    God forbid people are treated by doctors - male or female - with a balanced, enjoyable lifestyle.

    You know, labor was a lot cheaper before minimum wage. It's the employee's fault for demanding a livable wage. And factories. They were so much easier to oversee before OSHA poked its nose in. Again, the employees' faults for wanting to keep all of their digits.

  3. Oh yes! Ditto on the "g'luck!"