Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Fool for April

Dear April,

So. I hear you're quite the wannabe. The Internet tells me you're proffering a challenge, you saucy minx. A challenge that is uncannily similar to November's proposition.

You too are attempting to entice bloggers to post every single day, although this time you've upped the ante. You've got a theme. Well. Aren't we high maintenance, all hoity toity with imminent showers and promises of flowers.

Your theme is letters. Be they correspondance, typography, interesting signs... you just want letters. You remind me of me in the second grade when I tried to accrue as many pen pals as humanly possible because I was desperate to get mail. Although, I'd venture you're a little more desperate, what with the whole soliciting the entire blogosphere and all.

I don't know if I'll be able to meet your needs, April... my second year of medical school is ending next week and then I'll be descending into a hell of my own creation, better known as studying for the boards. These are things that demand time and, were I responsible student, all of my attention. But you are intriguing, April... I don't know, something in your taunting overtures makes me want to try.

30 letters in 30 days, eh? I'll give it a whirl... even though it is probably the last thing on Earth I should be doing with my time this month. You're worth it. You boast the best birth stone of any month in the calendar.

And should I fail, I can always chalk this up to your yearly joke.

Love, Pants.

p.s. I realize Christmas doesn't fall in your month... a more appropriate header is in the works.

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  1. hah! Great letter. We need to all watch out for April, that saucy little minx. :D