Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I feel utterly privileged and not at all threatened to introduce you to the latest, greatest blog that needs to be on your reading list:

At Your Cervix

Written by the illustrious, marvelous and VULVACIOUS (my favorite suggestion for the blog title, but whatever, not bitter)(and still not threatened)(PLEASE DON'T FORGET ME) Mean Bean Greene, my apartment mate of 3 years.

As you may surmise, she is also a future doctor! Further surmising reveals she's going to be an obstetrician/gynecologist! She'll likely specialize in non-bitchiness, which I have on good authority is quite a nuanced aspect of OB/GYN.

I'm basically in denial about the fact that she's a more kick ass writer than the other half of this apartment we're not going to be living together in a few short months, but am thrilled at the prospect of keeping up on her life in this new forum. Be it published from the room next door or across the country, I'm stoked.

We make quite the roommate pair. Neither of us have those cumbersome needs like a clean shower curtain or immediate washing of dishes. We equally prioritize stocking the refrigerator with pickles, olives and popsicles. Hell, half of her room is our living room. We're symbiotic.

I suppose I can translate that to the blogosphere.

No, I know I can.

Welcome to the wonderful world of self-publishing Mean Bean!

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