Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Decking the halls

Yes, I'm posting a picture because I'm lame and have exactly 24 minutes left in this day and I am NOT a quitter. I snapped a shot of a dude decking Macy's halls today while I was out enjoying life. And by enjoying I mean battling throngs of tourists and tightly holding on to my purse.

I almost enjoyed life so much I missed the midnight deadline. But ho ho, you have not bested me yet NaBloPoMo... you wily, wily minx.

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  1. I was watching Best Week Ever, and they were making fun of this web drama called "Quarterlife" that appears on MySpace. Apparently the character started a blog for the first time, and the whole episode was her whining about what to put in her blog. One of the commentators said "Oh yeah, like a 25-ish woman is going to worry herself over a blog. Like she's going to worry about what she's going to blog about while out on a night with her friends. Puh-lease."

    If they only knew how true that is.